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Are you looking to get your music played and heard on the radio?  Are you looking for an artist friendly station?  Do you believe you have the next hottest track that should be shown attention?  Allow us to aid your independent status and help you grow.  Independent or unsigned musicians, singers, rap artists and more are welcomed.  Get your music heard around the world on TheColeeRoyceShow.  Simply contact us at TheColeeRoyceShow@gmail.com, submit your music in the MP3 form and learn about our competitive rates and packages. TheColeeRoyceShow, Like us now or Love us... read more


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Don’t wait to hear of a victory, be apart of the victory…

    This Saturday August 29th, 2015 see the man the rude boy “Mayorga” who has the nerve to blow the poisons of cigarette smoke in “Mosley’s” face and the audacity to publicly disrespect a women with the now famous PingPong azz slap will come face to face with something more than a cheap feel. It seems like this pay-per-view fight Saturday night the 29th is more than just a fight, it seems like Independence night for boxers around the world, but its bigger than that.  Its bigger than having an unwanted cheap feel. Its on a revolutionary platform, the best independence movement that will speak for the masses perhaps.  Don’t wait to hear of a victory, be apart of the victory… GET YOUR TICKETS NOW AT:    WWW.FABULOUSFORUM.COM   #GoBox #Forum #TheColeeRoyceShow... read more

A lot can happen when people come together…

Tweet Share    A lot can happen when people come together has been a motto of mine since I believe birth. So many thing can be accomplished, more ideas can flow and I believe it works better with the laws of the universe. Currently I’m experiencing a high energy and lesson in the Law of Attraction. Ntro Music is New and Fresh with that family environment. Ntro is a multi-faceted music venture providing shows, production and technology to artists and listeners. The initial platform is in full development and they will be hosting a variety of events in the coming months to introduce their concepts. With goals of providing high-intensity festivals and shows, promoting artists, providing access to content distribution channels, and creating digital toolkits for artists to better reach fans, labels, venues, studios, and other artists -I’m giving you a personal invite to join us on this journey, So whats that mean?….   GAME ON   *Register on ColeeRoyce.com & Ntromusic.com -contact us for futher details. #thecoleeroyceshow #iHeartRadio #intelletualRadio #NouveauNiveauRecords... read more

Bone Thugs~N~harmony

THEIR BAAACK …all 5 members and Mo Stronger than ever on their Eternal 1999 Tour. Sign up and get the exclusive on Bone. What`s the $1Million dollar Album controversy or strategy? Was this sparked by Wu-Tang Clan? All that and more coming to you soon. Stay locked in…no matter what Bone is bound to definitely provide us with another tremendous journey &... read more


GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!! The 8th Annual, Chicagoland “SEXCON”, all adult exposition!!! This will be Chicagoland’s biggest one night party! This is an Adult Expo and let me tell you that this is definitely going to be a night to remember. From the music to the vendors, the dancers to the body painted models, porn stars to male revues with enough hotness to burn the news! Purchase your tickets NOW from The Colee Royce Show!!! Click the link or write thecoleeroyceshow@gmail.com Thats right, SEXCON 2015 is right around the corner and its full of surprises. Start your Expo experience by purchasing your very own tickets right here. Sign up, get your user name and request how many tickets needed!... read more

Moving On Up…

Back in the fall of 2013 The Colee Royce Show debuted on Slam Internet Radio.  I’m very thankful for Danny and Mark over at Slam for working with me and teaching me the ropes. And now I’m very pleased to announce that we have moved to Intellectual Radio and iHeart Radio which will allow us to have a bigger platform and stimulate even more of the... read more

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