Simon Marcel Badinter of “The Rendezvous Show with Simon and Kim” IHeartRadio

Colee Royce Show On We have the French Romantic, Simon Marcel Badinter from iHeartRadio “The Rendezvous Show with Simon and Kim” taking Colee Royce out of his comfort zone giving relationship advice and also we have the “MainEventSports” crew providing a comical sports update followed by our favorite paparazzi out of LA from TMI.BUZZ & London Entertainment. Show sponsored by GratSpot, Music powered by Ultra Music. Direct IHeartRadio Link Direct Spreaker Link Direct Youtube... read more

“Chicago Slam Works” takes the stage!

We’re bringing you “Chicago Slam Works” before their opening Chicago performance with some performance poetry and more. We have TMI.BUZZ & London Entertainment’s Giles Harrison, our favorite paparazzi out of LA with our celebrity update and the MainEventSports Crew giving us the sport world and comedy! Direct IHeartRadio Link Direct Youtube Link Direct Spreaker... read more

Artist, Photographer, Actor & Entrepreneur Tonee Dang

In this episode of TheColeeRoyceShow we have Artist, Photographer, Actor & Entrepreneur Tonee Dang discussing his creative timeline from a young kid at Ow-Bow School of Art of Artisty to Photographing celebrities and creating Red Panda which is a high-end event lifestyle company.  Providing us with our celebrity update is our favorite paparrizi Giles Harrison from TMI.BUZZ & London Entertainment, then get your sports fix from the Main Event Sports crew with 104.7FM Kentucky. Direct IHeartRadio Link Direct Spreaker... read more

Hip Hop Artist Andre Auram

Full of music and deep intellectual conversations with Rapper Andre Auram on his music and the Moorish Science Temple of America. MainEventSports 104.7FM  Haven Harrington & Raashaan Myer giving us the sports update and our favorite paparazzi Giles Harrison of TMI.BUZZ & London Entertainment giving us the hot celebrity update. Direct IHeartRadio Link (coming soon) Direct Spreaker Link... read more

Frank Nitty (Ceo of GrittyStyle) with my favorite Paparazzi Giles Harrison (TMI.BUZZ)

We’re having an intellectual conversation On with Frank Nitty, CEO & Founder of GrittyStyle on music, his new artist Yung Blu and more. Celebrity updates with our favorite paparazzi Giles Harrison of TMI.BUZZ & London Entertainment. Direct IHeartRadio Link Direct Spreaker Link Direct YouTube... read more

Sensitive subjects & Celebrity updates with our favorite Paparazzi Giles Harrison

Tonights show was on some sensitive issues involving Diego Reyna, who was the Mexican worker working on Trump towers in Vancouver Canada that placed the Mexican flag on the building, Donald Trump stating his plans on how he will get Mexico to build the wall and more. Also we have Haven Harrington with bass guitarist William Perkins calling in and we brought back our favorite Paparazzi “Giles Harrison”(TMIdotBUZZ) to TheColeeRoyceShow tag teaming with us on celebrity updates and checking the rumors. Grab your dance pants and be ready for some floor burners from some hot artists and labels Nouveau Niveau, Ultra Music and more. #TMIdotBUZZ   #LondonEntertainment Direct iHeartRadio Link (COMING SOON) Direct Youtube Link Direct Spreaker Link... read more

“WishBone” of the legendary rap group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

TheColeeRoyceShow On presents “WishBone” of the legendary rap group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Direct iHeartRadio Link Direct Youtube Link Direct Spreaker... read more

Paparazzi “Giles Harrison” & Singer songwriter producer “Milana May”

The Colee Royce Show On with the paparazzi Giles Harrison along with singer, songwriter and producer Milana May. Hear her story from Siberia to NYC following a dream to the actual laundry list of celebrities Giles has photographed in the last few weeks alone. Find out more on DIRECT IHEARTRADIO LINK DIRECT SPREAKER LINK PART.1 DIRECT SPREAKER LINK... read more

Celebrity & Fashion Photographer “Yu Tsai”

The Colee Royce Show presents Yu Tsai, Celebrity and Fashion Photographer about this year’s #OTRC Oscars event. Hear great behind the scenes first hand red carpet experience.   Direct iHeartRadio Link Direct Youtube Link Direct Spreaker... read more

“CityBoiStreets” of PiffBoyz & Producer “HC The Kmst”

TheColeeRoyceShow brings you “CityBoiStreets” of PIFFBOYZ, one of the new artist to be signed with Bone Thugs N Harmony and “HC The Kmst” who is Layzie Bone’s producer that has now taken his talents to the stage. IHEARTRADIO LINK DIRECT VIDEO LINK TO Youtube DIRECT AUDIO LINK... read more

“MegaStar”, “T.Taylor , RAY ROGERS Live

TheColeeRoyceShow On brings together 3 creative individuals that wear many hats and represent the urban word “Grinding” in a strong way. We have J.Cole’s audio engineer & production mgr “Ray Rogers” with the Forrest Hills Drive Tour, Jeremiah’s DJ as well as songwriter, producer, event host & Emcee, “T.Taylor“, joined with WeRiseEnt. President & Rapper “MegaStar” also with NtroMusic. Hear their music & stories also hear their involvement in the new first ever Colee Royce Show game called “Make your choice or give it to Mr.Royce”. IHEARTRADIO LINK DIRECT VIDEO LINK TO BAMBUSER  Part.1   Part.2 DIRECT AUDIO LINK... read more

Dj/Producer “Kayper” & Dj/Producer duo “Vision Factory”

Jan 27 2016 TheColeeRoyceShow on presents Producer/Dj KAYPER from London and the Producer/Dj duo VISION FACTORY from Berlin Germany. Hear the exclusive interviews and listen to some hot music from the artist such as Millionaire & Out of My Mind by Kayper, Keep it Going & Too Fresh by Vision Factory and the new release by Ultra Records, I’m Just a Skipping Stone.  Direct IHeartRadio Link... read more

Actor/Director “Jay Davis” “Dj Caipo” (LayzieBone’s Dj)

Jan 20, 2016 TheColeeRoyceShow On presents Jay Davis of JayDavisEntertainment. This writer, director, actor and comedian shares with us his spin on current situations, misconceptions and more. Next we have DeeJay Caipo from California the official DJ of LayzieBone (BTNH), telling us how he got that position and then a super surprise phone call from LayzieBone himself.  Direct IHeartRadio... read more

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