Did I do a track with David Guetta…

Tweet Share Recently I’ve been asked when out and about or by acquaintances I thought were friends if its really true. If whats really true I think to myself? “Did David Guetta do a track with you?” NO, I reply. The truth is I did meet him (to be continued)…once at a Chicago event and he didn’t know me lol. I didn’t think he would. But I went to the event with the thought and determination to meet him and hopefully catch him playing IN THE BEGINNING by Da Hool & Bruckheimer. I first heard him play the track myself live at Concord Music Hall in Chicago. I remember like it was yesterday, I was at the event talking to a gentleman in the hall way when all of a sudden I heard myself talking loud through the building.  I have to admit, our deep conversation ended with excitement and fear and I quickly fast-walked into the concert hall to witness something that brought a few tears out of my eyes as I witnessed David Guetta playing the acapella and watching the people dance and sing the lyrics. I had to pull it together and then I began to smile and enjoy the moment. That night I only told my godfather that took me there, the guy I was in conversation with and the security guard hoping I could meet Guetta…(to be continued) So NO,  I didn’t do a track with him, but he has played the track multiple times around the world for the opening of his set or during…and for that I’m very grateful and thankful. If anybody... read more


1. There are 9 erogenous zones located on the body, however, the ninth one can only be activated once the first 8 are simultaneously stimulated at the same time. 2. The best form of birth control is when you and your partner shout out “NO BABIES HERE” at the same time at the moment of CLIMAX. 3. 34 percent of women prefer being on top of the Empire State Building during sex. 4. “Orgasms have a sound!” If you put a small audio recording device near the genitals at the time of orgasm and AMPLIFY the volume, you’ll hear a... read more

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