It’s True…

Do you remember how when the Fifty Shades of Grey book came out how EVERYONE was talking about it? Women in their 20’s were mesmerized, men in their seventies were being made to read it by their wives, and the rest of us were just curious as to what this book was really like. Well I decided that I should read it. I purchased the book and started reading. After a while I realized that I was actually kind of bored, what was so special about this book? Basically all it consisted of was one couple that just liked to have sex in lots of different places. That’s when I realized that if you are a grown ass adult, that has had at least one healthy sexual relationship, that you had been there, done that, took the T-shrit home and put it in the wash, so what was all the fuss about? Fifty Shades of Grey had nothing on me, and apparently nothing on Colee either! It’s True!!!!!!!


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