The Shrine (Chicago) celebrity takeover…with The Colee Royce Show

The Shrine (Chicago) celebrity takeover…with The Colee Royce Show

It was a rainy night and a familiar vibration was setting in on this rumored fiesta day with the Queen B herself, yes that’s right ladies and gentleman, LIL KIM was back to show some love in Chicago. It seemed destined that The Shrine congregation would be in full attendance for Lil Kim’s performance which was surprisingly also her birthday, but what they didn’t know was that they were in for an EMPIRE surprise as well. We approached the door and were greeted with respect by the coolest name ever, Mr. Greenweedz, then handed over to the lovely Mrs. Armstrong and given our all access space bracelets. Now it was game on. You could notice quickly the positive energy in the building as the patrons mingled, drank and danced. They quickly ushered us downstairs to this secret & sacred spiritual cave called The Green Room, where we were able to capture SuSu herself as well as the character Porsha (Ta’Rhonda Jones) from the hit show EMPIRE & CHICAGO PD. I will say that Porsha is definitely talented, charming, witty, funny and more. The excitement was filling up quickly and everyone eventually made it upstairs to the concert level. When Lil Kim stepped on stage the excitement about blew the roof off. She came out blazing hot with a white & black pattern that drew you in as her rhythmic vocal skills had the crowd jumping. She performed a few songs and she was looking beautiful and we could tell she is doing some squats. She had a lovely attitude and smile on and off the stage and you could tell the congregation wanted more.

Besides for the lovely people that still showed up on time and the ones on CPT time, among the attendees were Kris D. Lofton (Empire, Chicago PD), Ta’Rhonda Jones (Empire, Chicago PD) , even Rapper Shawnna graced the stage. I was impressed with “Porsha’s” vocals skills and dance game but we may have to boycott her twerk work teacher, but since she was rocking the stylish “me BigBird Mohawk” like myself, I guess we can let it slide. Now if you had thoughts that Lil Kim was out of the game or too dusty for your new age taste you should go and slap yourself. This seasoned venue definitely has experience in providing high quality entertainment and 5 star talent with a sure hint of classiness. I mean, a comfortable, multicultural, enjoyable, non meatmarket, safe atmosphere. I didn’t feel like anybody was really trying hard to impress someone and if you’re into stereotyping ladies at hip hop venues as to show up trashy or nasty, you’re wrong. They were in full gear, sexy and classy. However I was disappointed that I didn’t see at least one hoochie momma outfit, well there is next week…

Colee & Melloe Colee & SuSu Colee & Lambo Shawna & Colee Colee Alone Porsha & Male Guest Colee & Cold Hard Porsha & Guest








  1. Nicolae

    Look for another great event covered by The Colee Royce Show from the Shrine. Coming soon FLOETRY!

  2. It went down.. Lil Kim put it down.

    • coleeroyce

      Put it down, How about drop it like its hott! She looked beautiful and healthy. But Im still wondering…was that Horse or real hair?! lolf
      And Big shouts out to THE SHRINE (CHICAGO), MelloeDrama, SUSU & Armstrong, Lil Kim, Kris D. Lofton(Meet the Browns/Empire), Porsha(Empire), IHeartRadio,IntellectualRadio, the whole ColeeRoyceShow team & Tyler.


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