Say What?!?

Say What?!?


You shouldn’t have to brag about anything. I’m just not like that. I think it’s boastful. I don’t think it’s right.

Informing someone humbly or explaining, but it’s not necessary to whip my 9 INCH out in plain site. I don’t need some fabricated story just to convince some lady to give me that morning glory. A person doesn’t need some bullshit spiel as they slide down that slippery hill…

I mean seriously, what’s the deal? I lived in Germany and I lived in Austria, I owned a M3 Beamer and my convertible was much cleaner… But does that really make the woman or man? Is that what our status has come to, just complete materialistic worth? People are snapping pictures next to celebrities and can barely say the celebrities’ name but claiming they’re best friends and taking showers with them now. You ever look at the celebrity in the picture looking all mad that they were suckered to even take a picture with them lol So, obviously some people use pictures and videos to paint false personas of themselves. It’s like a bad drug, they need an ego picker upper.

Where has the intimacy gone in human interaction and communication? These are the days a picture, a video or a text posting can elicit  a responses about “how much money do I make” or assumptions that I should have 3 cars, 2 houses and ballin or the best one is, “you think you’re all that cause you’re talking to a lot of people? You think your so cool but you’re not, so how about you buy me a drink?”  ¿¿《WTF》??

I listened to someone today tell me that their  life is more interesting than mine and they should have their own Reality Show. Lol, OK do that, and I wish you the best, in fact I hope I can be on it too sometime.

But if clubs, DJs & hot women are your main dish ur serving …well I’ve been eating that for a long time. It’s starting to make people yawn, I vote we WAKE them up and serve them a great feast!


  1. Susanhatten

    That is so true!

    • coleeroyce

      Yup…as you say, “ITS TRUE”


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