A lot can happen when people come together…


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 A lot can happen when people come together has been a motto of mine since I believe birth. So many thing can be accomplished, more ideas can flow and I believe it works better with the laws of the universe. Currently I’m experiencing a high energy and lesson in the Law of Attraction.

Ntro Music is New and Fresh with that family environment. Ntro is a multi-faceted music venture providing shows, production and technology to artists and listeners. The initial platform is in full development and they will be hosting a variety of events in the coming months to introduce their concepts. With goals of providing high-intensity festivals and shows, promoting artists, providing access to content distribution channels, and creating digital toolkits for artists to better reach fans, labels, venues, studios, and other artists -I’m giving you a personal invite to join us on this journey, So whats that mean?….




*Register on ColeeRoyce.com & Ntromusic.com -contact us for futher details.

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