Colee Royce first knew he had a love and passion for entertaining ever since he was chosen to play the lead roll of Johnny Appleseed at Meadowview elementary school in Woodridge, Il. This created his thirst for the stage where he continued to perform in church, his high school choir, select chamber choirs, musicals, bands and as far as acting in the 20th Century Fox TV pilot “Ride-Along.

However, Colee’s  first experience of being a live recording artist came in the year 2000 in a small studio in Munich, Germany and resulted in the pop rock artist with the smooth soulful voice breaking into electronic music in Europe at full speed.  Colee quickly rose through the ranks to perform along side International DJ/producer Tom Novy in events such as Rave on Snow, Mayday, Love Parade (Austria & Germany), Sun, Moon & Stars Festival, MTV’s European Private Christmas party in Munich, TimeWarp and various Red Bull events all across both Eastern and Western Europe during the late 90’s, early 2000’s.  Back then known as MC Colee, he was able to grace the stage with such artists as Bob Sinclair, Loco Dice, Phil Fuldner, Richard Dorfmeister, Stereotyp, dj Rush, Lexy & K-Paul, Westbam, Chris Liebing, Afrika Islam, Milk & Sugar and many more. During these years Colee lived abroad and immersed himself into the European culture and signed his music with multiple labels such as G-Stone Recordings and OPYP Records.   But what many don’t know is that Colee’s Discography works are as follows: 14 Vinyls, 14 CD’s, 11 Compilations, multiple Albums, 2 LP’s and more.

His music career was skyrocketing in diverse areas such as house, deep house, techno, tech house, trance, hard trance, electro, downtempo, dub, rock, future jazz, experimental, pop & soul. Unfortunately, his personal life was taking some drastic hits.  Finally after the loss of an unborn child he fell into such a deep depression that he ended up leaving Europe and returning to his hometown of Chicago with no desire to even listen to music again.  To add on to the heartache he was living through, he ultimately discovered that since leaving Europe multiple record labels had released his voice on compilations, CD’s and records all over the world without his knowledge.  His absence continued until he received an email containing a Youtube video of David Guetta at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami Florida playing the acapella of Colee Royce’s voice on “In the Beginning” by Da Hool and Bruckheimer.  This inspired him to return to his musical journey.

Since that time Colee has released multiple songs such as “Just Wanna Be Your Man”, “The Doorkeeper”, “Pretty Lady”,  “Got Something”, “Silence” and “Tonight” under labels such as Ultra Records, Toolroom Records, Subliminal, and Nouveau Niveau Records. 

In addition to singing, DJing and dancing, Colee has extended his talents into radio and has created “The Colee Royce Show” which is a weekly two hour live stream internet radio show.  The show takes a fresh and authentic approach to staying connected to the Chicago nightlife, venues, parties and events while also weighing in on today’s news and current events.  He looks at the most interesting people inhabiting not only the Chicago scene, but globally as well. These characters include models, musicians, DJ’s, actors, dancers, business owners and other fascinating and talented individuals that make up a global movement of trendsetters both in the entertainment world and society as a whole.

As a dancer, DJ, recording artist, host, and former promoter, Colee is the ultimate insider.

Join us every Wednesday from 10pm-MIDNIGHT CST for music, special guest, fun, hot topics, current events and soon details about “The Comeback”.